Meet the Traveler volume one

I love the idea of sharing your travel stories and pictures. That is one of the many reasons why I love social media and why I started this blog. I think it is a great way to educate and inspire others but also to be inspired and learn from other people from all over the world. So my first "meet the traveler" is dedicated to someone I have been following on Instagram for a long time now. I have also collaborated with him on a piece for a community-focused blogging platform called Journesia.

Meet Kama, a young Indonesian guy with a great eye for photography.

Mount Prau, Wonosobo, Central Java       Photo: Kamazka Btara

First tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I am from Indonesia, born and bred. Growing up, I've been moving to lots of places with my family since I was 5, at least for the first 10 years of my life before we headed back to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. In those 10 years, I lived in rural areas, mostly in higher land where nature was just out of my window pane. I went around the paddy field, or circling a hill by walking on a tiny river bank when I was in Elementary school. I guess it was my first initiation to soak up in nature. And then it went on with hiking to the mountains as I grew older. In 2006 until 2007, I started to grow an interest in photography. I used Canon 500D at that time. I then only lasted for a year until 2014 my sister asked me why did I not post my traveling pictures since I have been on quite the adventure for the last four years at that time. I have been working as an architect and interior designer for 3-4 years now but my recent occupation is as a translator with recent translation for a National Geography encyclopedia.

Padar Island, Flores, East Lesser Sunda Islands      Photo: Kamazka Btara

A lot of people say traveling changes their lives. Has traveling changed yours?


Traveling has indeed changed my life in a way that I see things or put myself in certain situations that I did not do before. In every opportunity I have when meeting people during traveling, there is always new things to be learned. Their stories, their lives and the societies where all these people are part of, has shown me the diversity of life, in which I gather to help me to better myself and understanding of others. One thing that traveling has taught me is that every corner has a different story, you may not know what it may bring but only by taking the corners you'll only have the chance to see things. It has also taught me courage.

Mount Bromo, Malang, East Java     Photo: Kamazka Btara

It has been said that by the year 2030 1,7 billion people will be traveling in one way or another. This will affect a lot of places around the world in many ways. How do you think an increase of this amount will affect certain countries as well as your own?


I guess the highly rapid increase in human population is an inevitable progress. So is the advancement of science. It is said that we will embark on a much more seamless and intuitive experience. I believe things are going to be a lot easier for people to travel throughout the world, as well as the transportation and accommodation system. But my ultimate question would be "Do we still get to see the nature as we see it today?" Given the fact that so many things happen this time, especially in my country where the catastrophic wildfire burned down our forest on at least two main islands. This thing threatens the life and the sustainability of the ecosystem and the animals who live and are dependent of the very existence of the forest. In a bigger scale, it speeds up and escalates global warming which is likely to cause more problems to compensate.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Lombok, West Lesser Sunda Islands       Photo: Kamazka Btara

5 years ago no one knew that social media would be such an important tool in the tourism industry. What do you think will be the travel trends of the future?


O yes. Social media plays the arguably biggest part in bringing the tourism industry forward. I myself tend to browse through Instagram pages to check which places I can write about in my next-to-go-places. It's easy. Everybody has easy access to internet these days and Instagram is probably one of the most popular apps right now. Most people have them and rather than googling tourist destinations, they can just go to Instagram. Fifteen years from now, the trend will likely change but towards a better and more cutting edge direction. I read a really wonderful article on the internet once about the future of our tourism industry. It says that instead of asking ourselves "where to go," we should be asking "why" and "how." This, I think, gives us a more thorough insight of our purpose. And we all should keep in our mind that we need to become more responsible travelers. Then maybe we could have a deeper connection and relationship to the places we visit.

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