New Visual Strategy for Norway's National Parks

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Picture taken from :

This april our environmental authorities launched a new brand and visitor strategy for Norway's national parks . The new visual identity was developed by Snøhetta Design, one of Norway's most popular design and architecture companies.

The Concept

Is built on the idea of a portal. A protective frame shaped by a natural landscape curve. It shows the interaction between culture and nature, as well as the balance between visit and protection.

Nature has a very important place in the Norwegian culture. Our national parks encompass the finest we have of our landscape and they are developed to protect, educate and delight both our generation as well as the next.

The aim

Is to make the national parks more recognizable and accessible for the general public as well as tourists. The aim is also to change the strategy of national parks towards a more user friendly environment. Instead of listing what is prohibited in the national park they are now focusing on a more welcoming strategy.

The Symbol

Is a portal. A protective frame that is softened by a natural landscape curve. With the new brand for Norway's national parks, all the parks have a stronger marketing and commercial front together under one symbol. This creates a clear common identity for national parks, visitor centers and national villages . While still allowing room for brand identity through the choice of graphic landscape curve.

To view the new design and read more about it check out :