How to book your trip

Today most of us use the Internet for booking tickets and accommodation. There are endless amounts of websites to choose from and it can be hard to pick the right ones. After many years of travelling and searching the web I have found some favorites that I would love to share with you. Hopefully it will help you to find your dream vacation and save you some time doing it.

When I book flights I always use websites with a flexible search engine. Skyscanner is one of my favorites. This page lets me search from Norway- to everywhere and I can search for whole months and even a whole year. This helps me to find what time of year it is cheapest for me to travel to the places I would like to go.

When I have found my dates and chosen my destination, I use a second website to double-check that I have found the best price and the best ticket available. The only reason I use this site as a second choice is because I like the flexible search engine that Skyscanner has better. If you already have fixed dates and destination you can use either site. They are both great.

After the plane tickets are booked I check out my options for accommodation.

I always check and if I want to stay at a hotel.

If I am looking for something more personal I choose apartments. This is a good option especially if I am traveling with more than one person. AirBnb is the most popular website and app out there today for renting apartments. They have over 1.000.000 apartments in over 190 countries worldwide. When you are using AirBnb you are renting someone else’s house or room for a reasonable price. I recommend using their app, it is easy to use and very efficient. Just pick your destination, dates, how many people are staying and press search. You can scroll through hundreds of apartments and read comments from people who have rented it before you.

Good Luck!