Round the world tickets

Just decided to travel the world, and not yet booked your ticket? I have some advice that helped me when I was in the same situation.

A few years ago I bought a round the world ticket and it was the most inexpensive way I have ever traveled. I flew to 12 different countries, located in different continents and with great award winning airlines such as New Zealand and Singapore Airlines.

So instead of booking your flights with different airlines and paying more than you should, try an agency that specializes in round the world tickets.

Travel Nation is a British company that sells countless variations of round the world tickets at reasonable prices. They have great customer service and they will help you tailor the trip of your dreams. What I loved about Travel Nation was the inexpensive and easy way to change dates while traveling.

All round the world tickets booked with Travel Nation starts and ends in England. So for people living in Europe, it is just one short plane ride away.

They always have special offers under 1000 pounds.